Meet John Giuffre

Troublemaker in Chief

Raised on niche internet creators, competitive gaming communities, golden era standup comedians, too much pop punk, and his father’s decades-old business stories. John always had a passion for art, artists, and the extended community experiences that form around both.

Raised on niche internet creators, competitive gaming communities, golden era standup comedians and his father’s decades-old business stories John always had a passion for art, artists, and the extended community experiences that form around both.

Once Upon a Time...

Helping Troublemakers Create Their Moment

Logos Productions was founded in 2017 as a boutique event and content production agency. When the world stopped turning in 2020 it became clear how critical art is to our collective happiness and sanity. And here we are now - hard at work helping Troublemakers to make the things that matter most to them (and that matter most to all of us!). We help creators translate their creative essence into their projects and their businesses - on their terms. We’re here to help artists make some great work (and make some trouble along the way)

Because Moments Create Timelessness

Humans work and eat to live. But we live for love, meaning and self expression. Artists make the books, shows, paintings, comics, jokes, stories, characters, games, worlds and songs that inspire billions to create a meaningful, fun, beautiful life. Logos Productions envisions a new paradigm where artists do not have to sacrifice ownership and creative control of their spiritual and intellectual property to some douchebag with a better lawyer. We will fight tooth and nail to help our merry band of Troublemakers create the timeless works of art, cultural moments and the communities that inspire generations to come.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Logos envisions a world where our culture inspires people to be works of art.  We help Creative Troublemakers to make,  market and manage great art, businesses, and communities.

Do Be Good

Be good, and be good at what you do. People of character are honest. When we say we’ll do something - we do it (and we do it better than you’ve ever seen).

Don’t Be Stupid

This core value will not be explained. If you can not figure this out, I have a secret to tell you.

Make Some Trouble

The greatest ruckus you can stir up is to be *for* something. To be for something of astounding beauty, soaring higher - or of astounding catharsis, digging deeper. Artists show us ourselves, and what we may become - in brand new ways.

Take Some Names

It takes serious courage to bare your soul to an audience, to proclaim “I made this, and it’s beautiful,” to be the fullest version of yourself no matter what the media, the public or the industry thinks. Real art is courageous.

Work is Play

We work hard to master our crafts. When we’re disciplined enough to master skills, we gain freedom to play. We play a role, an instrument or a venue. What we get to do is fun. We can never forget that.

Play Many Parts

People must not just be *of character* but be characters themselves. The most interesting people are themselves works of art. We must also be trickster-like and adapt in service of one simple mission: “The show must go on.”

The Logos Team

Our Merry Band of Miscreants

We are a troupe of troublemakers, a coven of creatives, a gaggle of go-getters, a school of smarty-pantses, an assortium of artists. Every team member has their specialty, but all see the bigger picture of telling your story. Our collective talent-stack is at your disposal, and our holistic service will tell your story, your whole story, and nothing but your story.

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Logos is always looking to work with new creative directors, marketers, writers, designers, video-makers, photographers, web developers and bookers. Send us your portfolio by clicking the link.

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Want to learn even more about what work we do, for whom, and why? Want to know where we’re headed? We have our manifesto and team bible available for download by clicking the other link.